Okay, I had a few beers (it’s Diggnation time), but here’s an idea that popped through my head.

‘Relevance’ is hot in social media, communication and marketing. And not without reason; good content should be relevant towards it’s audience. Otherwise nobody on the internet will give a shit. Those online seek answers and have specific needs and only a relevant message will be liked.

But the context of your message should be considered too. Because a good, relevant message will leave it’s original context. It will be linked, embedded, or even copied to places you never even knew about. And that is okay because social media is all about that.

But it goes further. Video’s are re-edited, images are photoshopped and articles are condensed to represent statements you never intended. Original content becomes part of new content with a new message than the original. That is social media too.

A message in a different context or shape can become relevant in a new way. The trick is to keep the central message, the spark, alive. And let the world be creative with it’s shape. Will social editing become the next big thing?

Scissors are the new social tool. If you message doesn’t fit your audience’s context, they will make it fit.