I edit a lot of news items for websites and quite often I need to use a videoclip. Record labels are always late with delivering the DVD so I use online videoclips. I found some recources en tools to do this:

Youtube is content king but has a lousy quality. Some bands have their videoclips on Myspace, which is a little better. Check OV guide for more resources. And you can buy HD videoclips in the iTunes Store.

Ripping methods
Lazy: use vixy.net. Paste your YouTube URL and there she goes. Use Quicktime to convert the vixy-video to a fcp-native format, like DV.
Pro: easy. Con: vixy.net doesn’t always work, it’s slow and you loose quality.

Ripping with Firefox
Quicker and better quality, but you need additonal software,Firefox with a download add-on like Downloadhelper andPerian, a add-on for Quicktime
– Search your video at Youtube / Myspace
– Download the .flv file with Downloadhelper.
– Open the .flv in Quicktime (Perian makes this possible)
– Export the video ‘Movie to Quicktime movie’ in a FCP-native format, like DV
– Import in FCP

Ripping with Safari
Apple’s Safari browser has a really handy ‘Activity’ window. In this pane you can see every file in a webpage. Double click on a .flv file and it will download to your desktop!
The only bug is that it tends to not download the correct filename. Just change the file name, add the proper extention and you’re there.
Then convert with Quicktime or use Visualhub.

Pay a little: buy VisualHub
Visualhub is a very cheap but very handy video conversion tool. It doesn’t have many tweaking tools but that makes it even easier and quicker to use.


Updated June 27, 2008