Everybody wants to be on the first page of Google’s search results. That makes Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) a thriving industry. You can do a lot with well written text, clever page titles and smart keywords. But there is another interesting option: Googles just loooves video!

A webpage with a relevant and well embedded video will get a higher pagerank than the same page without the video. The difference is in fact huge, as I accidentally discovered. It happened during the development of my new website (this website / blog). The development was done online on a ‘secret’ URL. On one of the pages I was testing a plugin to embedd Flash video files. I used a videoclip that I had edited for one of my clients.

It took no more than 6 days until Google found my ‘secret’ site and added it to it’s index. When I did a search for my clients name, my testpage with the video was on the second position! Directly underneath my clients webpage! My client also noticed this and he wasn’t happy. 

My testpage contained no meta-tags or any SEO trics but it did contain:

  • The video, the filename contained my clients name
  • A page title with my clients name
  • A description of the production process, no more that 20 words

Why did I get a top pagerank? I can only think that it is the combination of a video with matching filename, page title and text that did it. And the fact that other websites didn’t have a contextually well embedded video.

It all turned out well with my client. I still have an online video portfolio but I need to keep them out of Google’s index with a ‘no-index’ tag. Unwanted success can be a horrible thing :)

Can SEO be this easy? Well, yes, apparently.

This is a adapted translation of my Dutch post ‘Google houdt van video!’