Ever got frustrated about poor Compressor results? Here is how to solve the problem: break up one huge batch in multiple step-by-step batches. Make one change to the settings per batch and leave all the other settings alone. After the first batch you import the results and do the next batch. And so on and so on.

Though this workflow seems a lot of work it might actually speed  things up. I once did a conversion from 720i 29.9 fps NTSC H.264 to 1080p 25 fps PAL  ProRes. Compressor worked on it for 14 hours and the results were bad. When doing it in multiple batches, one step at the time, I was done in two hours and the results were good. Worth the effort. It also saves time if you save al the individual steps as a settings template.

This is the preferred workflow. You probably won’t have to do all the batches.

  • Batch 1: convert to ProRes
  • Batch 2: interlace / deinterlace
  • Batch 3: norm conversion PAL / NTSC / SECAM
  • Batch 4: framerate conversion
  • Batch 5: if you want to do something exotic, do it now!
  • Batch 6: scaling
  • Batch 7: convert to whatever codec you want to use

// UPDATE januari 2010: I just fount a cool technique called ‘Job Chaining’ that does the same thing but then automated! Read all about it in this very good post from LAFCPUG.