The last sun rays of the year can be so bright, so clean and yet so warm. Bathing in autumn light is a miraculous experience. In this film I tried to capture that. Light, clouds, nature and human movement. To see the dynamics I chose to do time lapse recordings. The locations are all around my house and my hometown Heiloo, the Netherlands.

Everything was shot with a Sony EX1. It would have been better with a Canon 5D and some good glass but my EX1 did remarkably well!

To get good quality I did try some things. First of all the basics. Keep the aperture wide open, use your ND’s, put everything on manual, lots of white balancing etcetera. But halfway during the shoot I bought a B+W UV and IR cut filter. As the name says, it cuts all UV and IR light. This is an issue with the EX1. UV makes images look flat and IR makes blacks glow red.

The filter made a HUGE difference! So much that I had to completely re-program my Picture Profile settings. Trained eyes can probably pick where I switched gamma’s. I still have a lot of tweaking to do but so far I’m very happy with the quality. The filter adds a lot of depth and helps the EX1 to match DSLR footage.

Doing color correction is Apple color used to be a time-consuming and frustrating job but I now have the hang of it. I love the second room! It wasn’t easy though, because the film was shot on multiple days with very different and constantly changing light. Even to keep the colors matching on one location was a challenge.

Color was also great for removing color fringing. There are some shots with overexposed highlights, for example the moon. This chromatic aberration casts a purple, pink or blue shadow around the edges. Just select the problematic color, desaturate, done.

Credits for the music go to Moby. On you can download some of Moby’s music and use it for free for non-commercial use. Great!